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Castello’s Group Supports The 2018 Yakkerboo Festival in Pakenham

The Yakkerboo Festival in Pakenham is entering its 42nd consecutive year. Given the history of this event and the antiquity of our newly renovated venue, The Pakenham Hotel, which dates back to 1850. We thought it would be perfect to support this event by creating a short nostalgic video to share on our socials for the people of Pakenham to enjoy.

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Origins of The Pub Favourite | Parma

Ever wondered how the Chicken Parmigiana landed itself as one of Australia's most popular pub meals? Is it Italian? English? American? Perhaps Aussie?!

We decided to put this controversial topic to rest by collating evidence-based research around this phenomenon. Introducing the origins of the parma....

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Morning Melodies

Morning Melodies continues to showcase many great Australian artists doing what they do best... entertain. So make sure to book and avoid disappointment.

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