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Your Questions Answered

Here is a guide to many of the frequently asked questions we receive regarding our Rewards Program. Should your question not be answered here or you require further information, please ask one of our friendly staff.

Q. What are the benefits of joining?

Once you receive your member card, you can earn points on every purchase you make on food and drink, and on money gambled in our gaming machines. Points can be used to pay for food & drink, or to buy gift vouchers for others. In addition, there are random prizes to be won when swiping at the kiosk, plus members only competitions, prize draws and food specials. In your birthday month, you receive a meal voucher. As you move up the tiers, you get more offers and freebies. See the tiering flyer for more information. Q. Why do you collect my personal information? When you join we do ask for your name and some contact information. To make sure every person has only one membership, ID is required. We do not sell or give your information to any third parties. We only use it to keep in touch with members. We send occasional emails and texts with special offers. Importantly for you, if you win one of our prizes or competitions, we can’t let you know without a contact method! Q. Why should I insert my card into the gaming machines? Using your card when playing the gaming machines means you earn points on your spend. It also allows us to see which games and machines are popular and helps us tailor our offering to suit our members best. We may keep games around that our members like even if something new comes available. Q. Will my gaming be trackable by the government or any other agency? No. Not at all. Your gaming history is not shared with or accessed by anyone but Castello Group and TGS. As mentioned above, we only use the data to better serve our members with gaming offers and extra perks for our upper tier members.

Q. How do I move up a tier to Gold, Platinum and Black Status?

You can move up the tiers by earning the required amount of points for that level in a six month period. On the last business day of each month we look at the points earned over the previous six months and move members up based on that. Remember, it is not about how many points you have at any one time, it is about how many you have earned. You can earn the right amount, but have spent them all and still move up.

Q. Can I use my card at other Castello’s locations?

Yes! You can use your member card at any Castello’s location. See our website for a current list of venues: www.castellos.com.au

Q. I’ve lost my card, how do I replace it?

See our friendly gaming room staff and they can issue a replacement card for you on the spot.

Q. For members only specials (Parma, Steak, Fish & Chips etc) does every person dining need to be a member to get the discount?

Yes. All adults ordering the discounted meal must be members. Children under 18 can get the offer as long as their parents or guardians are members. (Bistro venues only) Q. Can I exchange vouchers I buy with points for cash? No, unfortunately government regulations forbid us from exchanging vouchers purchased with points for cash.

Q. How do I claim my birthday voucher?

Just swipe your card at the kiosk during the month of your birthday & it will automatically print out for you.

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