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Castello’s Group Supports The 2018 Yakkerboo Festival in Pakenham

Yakkerboo Festival Sunday 22nd April 2018

If you happen to find yourself in Pakenham this weekend, consider popping over to the Yakkerboo Festival. For those who are unfamiliar with this unique event, you’re in for a treat! Having passed the test of time, dating back to the 1970’s, it’s proven to provide great fun for the whole family and anyone who’s looking for a way to fill their Sunday. The festival is a celebration of Culture and Art in Pakenham.

Entering its 42nd consecutive year, The Yakkerboo festival has a rich history in Pakenham, which has been long enjoyed by the generations! Last year, the festival attracted an estimated crowd of 6000. The name of the festival, Yakkerboo, lends itself to a mythical character  that closely resembles a bunyip and the name itself is derived from an Aboriginal word meaning “Greener Pastures.” This event is so sentimental to the people of Pakenham that last year a statue of Mr. Yakkerboo was unveiled in Main Street (surely the selfie spot for the day!).

The festival will be filled with market stalls, vintage vehicles, parade floats, art displays, live music, carnival rides and plenty of activities for the little ones! Additionally, there will also be a firework display on Saturday night to welcome the main event that’s held on Sunday. On the day, there will be free drinks, free icy poles and – calling all cake lovers – a free Mr. Yakkerboo birthday cake!

Given the history of this event and the antiquity of our newly renovated venue, The Pakenham Hotel, which dates back to 1850. We thought it would be perfect to support this event by creating a short nostalgic video to share on our socials for the people of Pakenham to enjoy. Keep an eye on our venue Facebook page in the days following the event and give yourself a tag if you see yourself, friends or family frolicking in the footage.

Join us on Sunday April 22nd from 9am and let your imagination run wild this weekend! We’d love to see some selfies shared with Mr. Yakkerboo across our Facebook page!

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